2020 Planning: Lost Your Interview Nerve?

lost your interview nerve

2020 Planning: Lost Your Interview Nerve?

If you have worked so hard to reach out to a person with custom communication or spent hours keyword-optimizing your resume to finally land an interview, you don’t want to blow the interview being poorly prepared, right?

Additionally, if any of you have been lucky enough to go on an interview (or several) you know that they can be nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing experiences. So you don’t want your nerves getting to you, even though you may be properly prepared!

Since interviews are likely a make or break scenario, it can feel like there is a huge amount riding on that fretful 60 minutes.

You don’t want to waste your one shot at this company.

So today I want to talk about your interview and why, when you combine your resume, profile and interview strategy together, you will never worry about stumbling through another interview again.

The key to this is storytelling. Now I know that many of you are familiar with C.A.R stories (challenges, actions, and results), but are you familiar with my 6 Story approach? For those of you who don’t know (or appreciate a reminder), there are six types of stories you should have on hand for your next interview:

  1. When you solved a problem.
  2. When you overcame a challenge.
  3. When you made a mistake.
  4. When you worked as a leader.
  5. When you worked with a team.
  6. When you did something interesting.

Now, this is where we wrap everything together to make you the most confident interviewer ever…

We have to make sure your interview prep includes these stories and that they directly relate back to your resume and profile. Your resume and profile should be designed to be the factual support and the “evidence” to the 6 stories above.

You want to make sure that your resume and profile accurately show off numbers and results so your interview stories can paint the visual. These powerful stories will elaborate on how you got such amazing results in previous positions.

They must work together. Do yours?

If you know your resume and profile are lackluster and do not do your experiences and accomplishments any justice, then before 2020 hits, you need to fix that.

Our ‘Get Hired Fast!’ Package contains every last important morsel of what you need to make attention-grabbing edits to your resume and LinkedIn profile to land the coveted interview and the precisely right offer you want.

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So let's do this and use the time during your holiday break to land your new job in the first quarter!

Be well and Happy New Year!


Lisa Rangel - Executive Resume Writing Services

Chameleon Resumes

2020 Planning: Lost Your Interview Nerve?


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