4 Executive Job Search Scenarios Reframed For Hope.

When I lost my breadwinning job in 2009, I was frozen with worry, despite not being surprised the layoff happened.

But here is the thing…

I freaking hated that job. I won’t go into the list of reasons why I hated that job, but trust me…I hated that job.

But I made great money…so I dealt with it.

Hence the term “Battle Pay” … I was paid a lot to go into battle dealing with a mentally abusive, narcissistic boss each day.

I had in my mind, “I’ll make it work…”

I was an “I can make anything work” kinda girl, ya know.

So the bottom line was I would have probably never quit (and I don’t say this proudly…In retrospection, I had a high tolerance for toxicity and abuse…and I have since healed quite a bit…)

So yeah, I would have never quit.

As a result, I started to realize my layoff was the universe doing for me what I couldn’t do for myself:

It got me out of that damn job.

I would have never quit, most likely.

So the universe took care of it.

And as a result, long story short, I had time and space to get mentally healthier and start Chameleon. And the story writes itself from there.

This 2009 layoff is where I really started to hone in on reframing things…I began to learn it during the 2001 downturn. I was in running a Downtown NYC staffing office…but I definitely got much better at reframing situations in 2009.

And so, I will share 4 scenarios with you in this video: 4 Executive Job Search Scenarios Reframed For Hope.

And if you want to share your situation with us to learn how we can reframe things for you and explore working together, schedule a chat with my Business Manager, Misty, here: http://chameleonresumes.com/contact-us.

Reframing your situation can be the fuel you need to take the next steps.


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