4 Hiring Traits Employers Need Now

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4 Hiring Traits Employers Need Now

Recruiters and decision makers I have chatted with over the last few months, and the new hires I have seen happen with our clients, have led me to come up with a list of traits that employers are looking for now...

I wouldn’t say these are necessarily ‘new’ new hiring traits, but definitely traits that have been reprioritized as most important in this post-pandemic job market. 

1) Resilience: 

Employers need leaders and staff who can roll with the punches... because we seem to be having punch after punch landing square between our eyes daily. Individuals who don’t have good coping skills and contribute to the problem with poor responses won’t get the offer. Companies want people with hope, pragmatism, and vision to get them through this health and financial quagmire. 

2) Previous Success in Uncertainty: 

Companies want more than people who say they have a good game. They now want your proof of where you have triumphed in adversity and how you led people to the profitable promised land when times were tough. Here is where experience matters. 

3) Optimistic solution creation:

Firms seek out those who can see inventive solutions to unprecedented problems. This goes beyond thinking outside the box, but creating whole new compartments. People who demonstrate hope by taking action is what is needed in today’s world to not only survive, but to thrive. 

4) Visionary:

We will be out of this phase one day.  And companies want those who see how the actions a company takes now can positively position itself to be ahead of competitors when this is finally past us. 

It’s all about Mindset... if you’re seeking ethical opportunity in chaos and still pushing through with your job search, then you know it’s how you manage your mind that will be the difference between success and despair. 

My Job Landing Mindset eBook can help you stay deliberately focused with pointed stories that inspired me over the years. 

Allow yourself to let these 4 traits within you shine with the tactics in my eBook. 

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Print the eBook out. Highlight your favorites. Dog-ear some pages for later reference. 

I know it will help you as it helps me. 

Be well!


Lisa Rangel - Executive Resume Writing Services

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