6-Second Wonder

6-Second Wonder

One would hope that given the amount of time you spend writing a resume, the person receiving it would spend a good amount of time reading it over.

Well, I’m sorry to inform you, they don’t.

They can’t.

There’s no time anymore.

With the rising amount of job applicants per job these days the time spent on each resume is a matter of seconds.

6 seconds, in case you’re wondering.

Yep. The beautiful resume that you have just tweaked for the 25th time gets a 6-second glance.

But let me tell you, those 6 seconds are critical. During those 6 seconds, the recruiter or hiring manager’s eye is trained to pick out different sections of the resume. As they move down the document, they are looking for specific information to help them make a decision.

They need to see the specifics and if they are not there (because you didn’t know how to word it) or not where they were supposed to be (because you didn’t use an executive style resume template) then you will quickly be passed over.

During this crucial 6 seconds, your resume is being swiftly dissected by an expert eye. If they see red flags, missing information, or a confusing layout, you are opening up the door to be dismissed.

So, now you know that your resume has to deliver 25 years of career excellence in about 6 seconds, are you ready to use a resume format that will do that for you?

Do you want to see the template that can deliver a powerful resume in just seconds?

Well, you’re in luck because our tried and tested resume templates are available to purchase today.

Here are the added benefits to using our recruiter-designed formats and bullet-writing instructions:

(1) Our specific resume instructions give context to those skills these artificial intelligence and social recruiting applications highlight—but showing you how to emphasize how well you performed at your skills. This is what sets you apart from other candidates.

(2) The process for proper resume construction is residual interview coaching, too. When you have your wins, achievements, and challenges outlined—-and not just a list of your skills—you are better prepared for your interview, outshine your competitors and get the offer!

Grab these templates today for just $47 here.

Be well,


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services

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