Election-Proof Your Career: 15 Ways to Win – No Matter Who Wins

election-proof your career

Election-Proof Your Career: 15 Ways to Win – No Matter Who Wins

Worried about your job with the political jockeying and economic churning occurring each day?

Whatever happens in Washington or Wall Street over the next few months, the fact remains that the uncertainty posed by the election and global fiscal incidents have many people worried about how it will affect their job. 

Does this describe you? 

Executives are rumbling loudly about how the fiscal and electoral outcome can affect the workplace. 

Despite this growing concern, I believe you can election-proof your career triumph in this economic turmoil and political uncertainty.  

“How?” you ask…

As a general rule, focus on what you can control and ignore what you can’t control to win during this tumultuous time. 

This alone will set you apart from the doomsdayers who unknowingly say the markets are collapsing no matter who wins the election or what country is economically unstable. 

Remaining level-headed matters.

Companies want to hire and keep productive, resilient and happy employees…so here are 15 actions you can do to demonstrate these characteristics and election-proof your career:

1) Remain calm, stay focused and simply do your job. If your employer sees you as someone who is resilient and productive amongst the economic noise, they will note that you might be worth keeping around if cuts are to be made.

2) Be the voice of reason: stop talking about what can go wrong and focus on what can be done right. Again, employers want to keep the employees that are positively contributing to the environment and not the Chicken Littles who are running around like the sky is falling.

3) Stay social – ask a work colleague out for lunch and call a long distance professional buddy to chat. And, for God’s sake, don’t talk about the negativity in the news. Chat about productive topics.

4) Join a professional networking group and stay abreast of what is going on in your discipline and your industry. Make new friends.

5) When doing your performance appraisal, spell out how you contributed to revenue initiatives, saved money and streamlined processes. Tell your boss how fabulous you are in concrete, measurable terms.

6) Don’t be a negative Nelly…seriously. If you come across happy and grateful, your employer does not have to worry about making you happy. I find that demanding, disgruntled, never-satisfied employees who contribute to the problem, rather than the solution, do not tend to stick around long.

7) Update your executive resume and optimize LinkedIn profile to reflect these wins outlined in your performance appraisal. Have these documents ready to roll if needed.

8) Audit your LinkedIn connections and see that you are connected with vendors, clients, external and internal partners. Maximize your reach.

9) Get LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements…can’t hurt, right?

10) Be active online…post interesting articles, endorse other people, and participate in groups to stay visible in online mediums. Show you are a beacon of educational light.

11) Research professional development initiatives you can do…certifications, professional credits, and ongoing learning initiatives improve your credentials and create natural networking opportunities, whether they are in person or online.

12) Book yourself to attend a conference…when was the last time you went to one in your industry? Promote yourself as a leader in your field and for your company.

13) Time to turn off the news…don’t listen to it. Unless you are contributing to the senate meetings or advising the Presidential candidate on how to proceed, you really don’t need to listen to the play-by-play.

14) Sign up for an interview coaching class or work with a private coach to hone your message if you need to re-interview for your job.

15) Help others. Be a resource to your network. Connect people who can benefit from knowing each other. This will be remembered when you ask for help.

The bottom line is keep your eye on the prize—retaining and excelling in your job—by just over-delivering on what you are supposed to do. Even if you lose your job due to economic circumstances beyond your control, the good karma that will come from doing most of what is suggested above will increase your opportunities to be hired quickly. Again, companies want to hire and keep productive, resilient and happy employees. People hire people they like.

Companies realize they cannot make you a positive person.

You have to come to them that way.


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