Filled Cups Without Lids: Taking Risks on LinkedIn

Taking Risks on LinkedIn

Filled Cups Without Lids: Taking Risks on LinkedIn

My hubby set the filled-to-the-brim-with-coffee cup into the car cup holder between us.

No lid on the cup.

The coffee is swishing ever so slightly back-n-forth in the cup and my anxiety level rose with each swish.

“How can you not put a lid on this coffee cup? It's going to spill everywhere once you make a turn,” I say.

“It will be fine. You worry too much,” he replies.

Okay... I'm thinking... even if my hubby is right, the cost of a lid is much, much cheaper than the therapy I may need when my anxiety goes over the edge with this filled, lidless cup next to me.

This the perfect picture of my marriage.

My hubby takes little risks every day. He likes variety and new experiences. But the big risks make him nervous.

I take bigger risks less frequently. But in between those big risks, I like my life predictable (and I don't like little risks). It's like I have to save my risk energy for the big risks, I guess.

I take the same way to the supermarket every time. When I worked outside my home, I took the same way to work every day. I can eat the same thing every day for months. Mark Zuckerberg is my fashion idol in that he wears the same type shirt and jeans every day and I aspire to that model.

My hubby? Here are some things that exemplify his personality in embracing little risks: “Let's take a new way to the supermarket today.” “I don't want to eat leftovers. That's the same as yesterday. Let's do something different.” “The filled cup doesn't need a lid.”

One way of living isn't better than the other. Frankly, we compliment each other quite well.

However, my husband's desire to have a cup filled with coffee without a lid and not have an anxiety attack over it made me think of the little risks job seekers need to take to conduct a job search.

Reaching out to people you don't know.

Reaching out to people you do know.

Attending conferences and networking events you haven't attended before.

These little risks don’t have much down side, and yet they can have a big upside in advancing your search.

Taking frequent little risks for a job search truly results in success for most people. Reaching out to people and regularly attending events builds on itself.

Taking infrequent big risks can leave someone frustrated as risks don't always work out. So if you are not playing enough, you could find yourself on the sidelines often in between. And if you are okay with that, then so be it. But I find most people won't be okay with idle time.

Just my observation.

So here is a little risk you can take to advance your job search:

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So reserve your spot using the link above and I'll see you there!

Come to the session with a cup of coffee... mine will have a lid on it! LOL.

See you then...


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