“I’m in Between Jobs at the Moment…”

in between jobs and looking for help with job search

“I’m In Between Jobs at the Moment…”

My client, Jeff, said he had so much shame around saying this to his colleague when asked on an alumni networking Zoom call “So Jeff, where are you working now?”

Jeff felt like he just received a kick in the stomach when he had to say “I’m in between jobs” on a Zoom call with 23 other alumni listening to his answer.

He didn’t know what else to say. And he didn’t imagine he would be saying it in a group setting.

We get so wrapped up in our jobs as breadwinners.

The “job” slowly seeps into our identity and we don’t even see it happening.

One day, we are gainfully employed... pigeon-chested when answering the “where are you working now?” question with a robust-sounding-title-at-an-impressive-company reply...

...Only to find ourselves unemployed the next.

At least this is what happened to Jeff.

And now he has no clue how to answer “where are you working now?”

Jeff is rudderless without a job.

Would you be rudderless without a job?

Jeff’s story resonated with me. Big time.

I was rudderless without a job at one point in my life and I know how Jeff feels.

I am the breadwinner of my family. Being unemployed when you are the breadwinner has an extra special level of suckiness to it.

I felt like I was failing my family and I imagined I would ever get hired again.

I thought I would burn through everything I had at the time (it wasn’t a whole lot either) trying to survive unemployment.

The mental battle in my head each day was worse than my job search... which was pretty bad.

Jeff expressed he was feeling the same way, which prompted him to call us.

I explained to Jeff the way I got unstuck was I asked for help. I needed perspective, I needed help to get out from under my insecurities so I could objectively see my accomplishments…

...accomplishments I had been downplaying for years.

Getting this help got me moving. This repositioning jumped started my networking meetings—because I felt like I knew what I had to offer.

Jeff got help and he gained perspective. He was able to pull himself out of the shame rabbit-hole of being in between jobs.

So... will you accept the same help?

Would you like me to show you how to develop a LinkedIn profile and job search approach that will position you for greatness?

In my upcoming LinkedIn Master Class I am hosting on Tues. 8/24/2021 or Thurs. 8/26/2021, I will be giving you back the keys to your career. I will show you how to write an eye-catching and powerful profile and then show you how to use that profile to get seen by companies you want to interview and work with.

No more shame, no more spinning your wheels. 

Just a No-BS free training that will ensure you are ready for whatever comes next.

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