Interview Mastery: Silencing the Little Voice Inside Your Head

Interview Mastery

Interview Mastery: Silencing the Little Voice Inside Your Head

Imagine the little voice inside your head actually speaking aloud on an interview…

Would you still get hired?

What separates the people who are great at the interview game versus the people who are not so great?

It’s the little voice inside their heads.

Or rather the lack thereof.

Are you following me?

Let me back up a bit…

I’m always amazed by the complex things people can do without thinking:

Things like playing an instrument, commuting to their job or ‘listening’ to their significant other. 😉

Why is that? How can people perform a complex task while their mind is somewhere else?

Where’s your tiny voice inside telling you to play certain chords, or take a left at the light on the way to work or nodding your head in agreement with your spouse as they talk?

The tiny voice isn’t there because once you’ve done something over and over you don’t have to think about it anymore.

Call it “second nature”.

Call it “being in the zone”.

Call it “effortless”.

The effect is the same: You’re doing something unconsciously because you’ve done it over and over and over again.

Mastering the interview process is no different.

You can’t wing it.

A person who is comfortable talking about themselves, who has rehearsed (not memorized) those common interview questions heard over and over again, is going to ace a job interview.

Someone who hasn’t practiced, someone who goes in there thinking they can wing it even though they haven’t had to interview for 10+ years, is going to find themselves in a situation like this where the tiny voice rears its ugly proverbial head:

Interviewer: Why should we hire you?

Tiny Voice: Because I desperately need to leave my current job before it kills me.

You: Well, I think I’m the best candidate.


Interviewer: What do you consider to be your weaknesses?

Tiny Voice: Uhhhh, think of a good lie… Sometimes I’m too punctual? What does that mean!? Is that even a thing!?

You: People have told me that it’s almost like I care too much.


Interviewer: How many golf balls can you fit in an Olympic sized swimming pool?

Tiny Voice: Why are they doing this to me!? 10 million? No, that’s crazy? Wait, is it crazy? She’s looking at me – quick, buy some time!!

You: We’re talking regulation sized golf balls, right?


See? The tiny voice in your head will derail you every time, if you are not prepared. The hiring manager in the interview sees your hesitation in your body language. They sense your desperation or lack of preparation. They see your eyes look up searching for a tiny voice to give you an answer.

So how do we turn it off? How do we interview without the tiny voice speaking inside our minds and put it at bay?

We’ve put together what we think is the key to mastering the art of the interview, and you can learn all about it HERE.

Prepare to put the voice inside your head at ease and find interview mastery.

Be well!


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services

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