Is Your Job Search Poisoned by “What If?”

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Is Your Job Search Poisoned by “What If?”

Every single day... hundreds (if not thousands) of job seekers are paralyzed, frozen in their job search by their crippling fear of failure. Now more than ever, most people can not afford to fail at their job-seeking mission and it can be a daunting task during such unsettling times.

Even starting your outreach and sending emails right now can feel a little awkward (which is only exacerbated when you don’t hear anything back).

The truth is, I get it. I know how intimidating and overwhelming it can be to email or call people you don't know.

All the poisonous “what if” thoughts begin tormenting your mind...

What if I get blown off? Ignored entirely? Or worse of all... yelled at and told to bugger off.

What if I email or call the wrong person?

What if I say the wrong thing in my email or on the phone? I can't take back what I said!

It's enough to halt even the most dogged job seeker in their tracks.

Time and time again... poisonous “what ifs” do exactly that. But it doesn't have to be that way any longer.

If you shift your entire approach to job landing and boost your confidence in your marketing documents and your negotiation skills, we can turn an overwhelming and stressful job hunt into an exciting exploration with seamless transactions.

By starting out with a resume and LinkedIn profile you love, moving into a proven outreach and lead generation plan, and then creating a confident approach to interviewing and salary negotiation, you no longer have to be stuck on the job seekers’ roller coaster. You can approach the whole event with excitement and intrigue.

Gathering all the tools together that you need for this shift just got super easy. My most comprehensive self-paced job landing package, the 'Get Hired Fast!' package gives you the exact tools you are going to need for every step of your job search. 

It’s like having my entire job landing team in your back pocket :)

If you buy our new and improved 'Get Hired Fast!' package, you'll learn how to:

-- Write an achievement-based resume to outshine your competition and make your resume be the one that stands out on a hiring manager’s desktop. As well as how to format most unique employment scenarios: promotions, employment gaps, multiple temporary jobs and at-home-parents-returning-to-work.

-- Best write your wins on your resume by choosing from three interview landing resume layouts to enter in your accomplishments and build your own achievement-based resume to start landing interviews. Don’t fret any longer on how to layout your document—we take the layout worry for you and all you have to do is choose and plug in your information.

-- Define your path and career pursuits. Further reinforce your career communication documents with even more samples and examples to customize your resume for different jobs. We'll also show you how to use search techniques to find the right companies to pursue and the right people to contact.

-- Use the Search Feature, LinkedIn Groups, and many other tactics to help you generate job leads and increase your chances of being found by hiring managers. You'll never be dependent on job boards or third-party recruiters again!

Don't let “what if” keep you out of a job any longer.

Our proven 'Get Hired Fast!' package is here to help you cut your way through the crowded job market, and land the job you've been looking for.

Be well,


Lisa Rangel - Executive Resume Writing Services

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