Landing Your Dream Job Twice Starts with This First Step…


Carl (**name changed to protect the identity of our successful client) met all of his job objectives, and then found himself having worked himself out of a job.

His company was very grateful he set them up to succeed and gave him 6 months severance to find his new job.

He searched on his own for 4 months. After all, Carl thought, “I’m a successful sales person… I can sell myself. No one knows me better than me!”

Well, the four months passed, and Carl didn’t have an offer and only a few job interviews.

He realized he needed to ask for help.

He hired us and we wrote his resume.

We taught him how to use the resume to reach out to hiring managers directly.

And then he had interviews – interviews that led to an offer for his dream job 47 days after he hired us.

Amazing, eh?

This was in early 2016.

Fast forward to late 2017…

Carl’s company changed directions and he saw the writing on the wall – despite being successful at work in this dream role of his.

He wasn’t being negative in this thinking, but he didn’t wallow in his disappointment that his dream job was changing.

Instead, he had hope that since he found his dream job once before and, now that he had the right tools and guidance, he was confident and hopeful it would happen again!

So we updated his resume.

With the new resume, and the job search instruction he learned in 2016… BAM!

Dream job, part 2, is in effect in 2018.

Moral of the story? Be prepared.

Have the resume ready.

Have the resume ready to be ready for your dream job.

Have your resume ready to preserve your positive mindset that will be the key to landing your dream job!

Believe me… Your dream employer won’t think stress exuding from your pores is dreamy.

So don’t be a stress ball and be ready to land your dream job in 2018…. <– with solutions from $10 to $4900, there is help for all budgets and no excuse to be unprepared.

Start the path to your dream job now…




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