Three Career, Job Search & Resume Strategies from Experts at Career Directors International

I attended the Career Directors International Summit led by Laura DeCarlo (@careerhero) this past week held in the colorful Savannah, Georgia. What a week it was! The general theme validated for me was that having a self-made or professionally done resume is not the sole magic elixir to landing your next job. It is a component, not the only step needed to be taken.

So what else is needed, you ask?  Job seekers today need to approach their search with the hiring manager’s mind set in hand. It is no mistake that this year’s conference featured Martin Yates, the author of the highly successful Knock ‘Em Dead career books and former recruiter, and Shally Steckerl, the sourcing and recruiting industry rockstar. These two gentleman punctuated job seekers need to think creatively when approaching and being discovered by hiring decision makers.  Here are a few ways how: 

1. “Learn how recruitment works,” says Martin Yate (@knockemdead), author of Knock ‘em Dead- Secrets & Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World. Understand what a recruiter does to find qualified candidates—once you do this you will realize the last thing a recruiter wants to do is post an ad. Recruiters use employee referrals, personal networking and online sourcing to find viable prospects first.  If those resources work, the job is never posted—and you lost out of you were waiting for the job posting.

 2. Ensure your credentials are optimized in the online locations recruiters and hiring managers congregate. For instance, The Society of Human Resources Management states over 90% of recruiters find candidates on Linkedin–so ensure your profile is optimized and at 100% completion to gain 40% more clicks! Really! Shally Steckerl (@shally), recruiting industry rockstar of Arbita, Inc., showed how recruiters use Boolean search term strings from phrases found in well-written job descriptions to find candidates that house those phrases naturally in their resumes.

3. Leverage online tools to establish yourself as and expert—bringing hiring managers and jobs to you, according to Miriam Salpeter of Keppie Careers (@keppiecareers), author of Social Networking for Career Success. Utilize such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, blogging and industry niche websites to be found by interested recruiters and hiring managers. Putting yourself out there helps recruiters find you and aids you in finding other target companies to consider.

No more can a job seeker wait for recruiters to call or hold out for the perfect posting to appear. According to Yates’s new book, we all have to engage in our own career management and be accountable for ourselves moving forward through targeted focused action.

Written by Lisa Rangel, Executive Resume Writer

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