Why I Don’t Care About the Unemployment Rate

Why I Don’t Care About the Unemployment Rate

When the monthly unemployment rate is announced, I receive a few emails that say things like,

“If the unemployment rate is so low, why can’t I land an interview? Thank God I’m working.”

“This number is a farce. It’s not factoring in all the people who gave up.”

“The low unemployment rate doesn’t matter because the economy only added 134,000 jobs in the same period—the lowest jobs added in a while.”

After 23 years in the careers business, I have learned people are happy and unhappy when the unemployment rate is high and people are still happy and unhappy when the unemployment rate is low.

So I have come not to care about the number.

Because I work with individuals. I don’t work with the masses.

My team and I work one-on-one with people with our coaching services, and I want to positively affect the life of one person who buys my job landing materials.

I help one person at a time. My goal is for YOU to land a job.

And I firmly believe with an outreach plan and a strong message, you can land a job!

If you are going to let the jobs number, the unemployment number or the Dow number dictate your job landing mindset, you will lose.

You need to focus on the right activities and the number of times you complete these activities.

This is the ONLY number that matters: Your activity number.

So shift your mindset to a Job Landing Mindset with my eBook:

The Job Landing Mindset

It will be like having me in your ear keeping you focused on the right things to stay focused and motivated.

Let’s do this together!

Be well!


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services

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