How To Work With Executive Recruiters

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Hosted by Lisa Rangel, Managing Partner at Chameleon Resumes, LLC


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Lisa, an ex-executive recruiter, turned resume writer and executive-level job landing expert, will share the inner workings of the recruiting industry so you can partner with recruiters effectively in your next job search. 

Lisa was an executive recruiter for 14 years, interfaces with recruiters regularly, and we have been endorsed by multiple disciplined executive recruiters.

Her “combination approach” of recruiter-ready documents plus strategic networking and targeting will unravel the mystery and overwhelm, behind landing your next senior-level role. 

During this live presentation, you will learn:

  • How to find the right senior-level recruiters for your job search and work with them productively to land incredible roles.
  • The role of the executive search consultant and what you can do to become a candidate they *want* to work with.
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes job seekers make when working with, or reaching out to, executive-level recruiters.
  • What the recruiter is looking for on your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • How you can become the go-to candidate for their most prestigious roles.

This 60-minute session will provide insights and insider information about the recruiting world that most job seekers don’t know. Give yourself the advantage and learn exactly how to partner with recruiters in your executive job search.


Kimberly Legge
Operations Executive for Renewable Energy and Upstream/Midstream Oil & Gas

“I attended her webinar, "How to Effectively Work with Executive Recruiters," which was so insightful and helpful, particularly managing my expectations on recruiters and how to position my LinkedIn profile.”

Lisa and I met through President's Council of Cornell Women. When I found myself in a job search in 2022, I reached out to Lisa because I knew she was the expert in job search consultation. She gave me such amazing advice around how to describe my situation, which superpowers to emphasize, and what other similarly situated job seekers do. Then, after a false start at a startup, I found myself back in the job search in 2023. Of course, I reached out to Lisa again. I also attended her webinar, "How to Effectively Work with Executive Recruiters," which was so insightful and helpful, particularly managing my expectations on recruiters and how to position my LinkedIn profile. She has been a rock-solid resource in my life, and I HIGHLY recommend Lisa and her team at Chameleon Resumes.

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About Lisa

Lisa Rangel and The Chameleon Team are the only executive resume writing, LinkedIn profile development, and job landing consultancy who has been hired by LinkedIn and recognized by Forbes. Our 4-Stage META Job Landing System stems from decades of corporate and executive recruiting experience to position you to land your next 6-figure role faster.