2016 Executive Job Interview Trends


2016 executive job interview trendsWant to come across as a savvy executive interviewer on your next interview? As you are preparing your answers to interview questions, do not underestimate preparation for interview logistics. Many interview assessments are now done via video and Skype. Additionally, do not rely on your traditional negotiation tactics in answering questions. Boldly doing it differently will set you apart from the competition. Here are six tactics, stemming from trends we are seeing, you will want to use in your next interview:


Executive Job Interview Trend #1: Interviewing via Skype

Interviewing via Skype saves time and money. No need to fly candidates in or schedule all day interviews since a candidate is not physically in town. Also, with an increasing global workforce where teams work remotely, interviewing candidates live in a virtual manner helps to see how a candidate interfaces virtually as a precursor to how they will communicate virtually with a team. In some cases the virtual interview is only for the first interview. However, we have seen entire hiring processes done virtually if it is a multi-location organization. It depends on the structure of the company. Treat Skype interviews like a regular interview. Prepare accordingly, as if it was a regular in-person interview. Do your research on the company, interviewer, job and yourself, like you normally would for an in-person or phone interview.


Executive Job Interview Trend #2: One way video

We are seeing more and more companies requesting candidates to prepare a video answering certain questions. They give each candidate the same set of instructions and evaluate the quality of the answers and the candidate’s ability to follow instructions. If it is a marketing role, they may be evaluating your ability to create marketing content, since video is so popular. If you are managing a virtual team, your ability to communicate in one-way video may be evaluated, as well.


Executive Job Interview Trend #3: Screen sharing presentations for one-on-one or group interviews

Creating a presentation and delivering it via Google Chat, Join.me or Go-To-Webinar is a trend we have seen recently. Crafting messages and analysis PowerPoints to explain and answer to during a shared screen interview is a means to get interviews to happen fast. No need to coordinate travel for multiple individuals, if the managers do not reside in the same location. Virtual communication skills are also being judged in addition to the content presented.


Executive Job Interview Trend #4: Offline group Interviews for cultural fit assessment

Offline group interviews are not just the traditional panel interviews that resemble a corporate inquisition. Group interviews can happen over a meal or casual networking event among several key managers and the executive candidate. This tactic helps all involved gauge chemistry between all parties and if the candidate is a good cultural fit.


Executive Job Interview Trend #5: Transparency on performance going both ways

Candidates want to know about company financials, problems experienced and cultural quirks. Companies want to know candidate idiosyncrasies, achievements, and salary histories. Whether you agree or not on if this information can be asked, it is asked. Be prepared for the (legal) questions you don’t want the employer to ask, but know they will probably ask. This way you come across prepared for the difficult and challenging questions.


Executive Job Interview Trend #6: Prepared to boldly state a compensation range first

By now, most savvy executives on either side of the recruiting desk know the age-old negotiating tactic of “whoever says the first number loses.”

However, so much advice is given by popular job search coaches to hold out and not say a range. Well, this is great in an ideal world and in reality it works occasionally. Except I can tell you first hand, as a recruiter, many executive candidates I interviewed did not move on to the next step. This is why recruiters press for the desired salary number—some of your fellow job seekers ruined it for you. Once burned, twice shy.

So unless an executive job seeker is prepared to be shown the door when pressed by some recruiters for a range, I say be prepared with a range. Say it boldly and confidently. Being prepared with a range vs. only doing the deference of salary discussion is a tactic used by resilient executives prepared for all scenarios. However, this is not a tactic for the weak or bottom rung of performers. You need to have the achievements and the gravitas to pull it off.

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