4 Decisions To Make When Using Color In Your Executive Resume

Using color for the wrong reasons can cost you an interview….

How do you know you are using color in your executive resume for the wrong reasons?

This video outlines four decision points you want to consider before choosing to use color in your resume or not…and why to choose a color(s) if you decide to use color.

The bottom line is I believe there is too much ego bleeding into the use of color in executive resume formats.

Job seekers (and some executive resume writers) have forgotten the why behind writing an executive resume.

Decisions that should be made when choosing color or not are appearing not to be made anymore before using color.

This only hurts the job seekers’ chances of landing an interview.

So are you considering these four decision points when including color in your executive resume?

Especially #4? —this is the ultimate gut check decision point whether you are writing your executive resume or an executive resume writer writing an executive resume for a client.

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