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Hosted by Lisa Rangel, Managing Partner at Chameleon Resumes, LLC

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Optimize your LinkedIn profile to get noticed and generate interviews for the jobs you want by working with the company that Forbes named a Top 100 Career Website and the leading LinkedIn and resume expert who LinkedIn hired to moderate their 2,000,000+ member Premium Career Group!

During my FREE LinkedIn Profile Master Class, I'll be sharing how to create an optimized LinkedIn Profile you can use to land your 6-figure dream job.

Why the profile you currently have is costing you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, in lost income and what you need to do to fix it to garner higher compensation.

Why simply throwing a profile up on LinkedIn is negatively impacting your search and the 3 little known, proven techniques you need to increase your profile’s visibility on LinkedIn.

Why your profile is collecting dust (or worse, sending readers to sleep) and the 7 tactics needed to write an engaging profile that will have recruiters and hiring managers scrambling to call you for interviews.

How to stand out from the other 700+ million LinkedIn profiles and what to include in your LinkedIn Summary to rise above the sea of competition you face and get the interview call.

This online training will provide invaluable insight, tips, and steps to take to create a LinkedIn Profile that will have recruiters, hiring managers, and corporate decision makers seeking YOU out for the job you've always wanted!

Join the tens of thousands of professionals and executives like Josh who have attended our LinkedIn training and found it instrumental in landing their new 6-figure role.

"I highly recommend attending one of these sessions. You won't be disappointed."
- Michelle B.

"Thanks Lisa for the excellent training session on optimizing my LinkedIn profile as well as the outstanding resume course that you offered. It is not lost on me that my offer came in shortly after I redid my profile and resume based on your recommendations. Thanks again."
- Joshua C.

"This was a fantastic training session put on by Lisa Rangel and her Team. I would highly recommend this to anyone."
- Marc L.

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About Lisa

Lisa Rangel and The Chameleon Team are the only executive resume writing, LinkedIn profile development, and job landing consultancy who has been hired by LinkedIn and recognized by Forbes. Our 4-Stage META Job Landing System stems from decades of corporate and executive recruiting experience to position you to land your next 6-figure role faster.