6 Surprising Reasons Why People Get Hired In December

6 Surprising Reasons Why People Get Hired In December

When I was a search firm recruiter, I found getting hired in December was very feasible and often it was close to my top billing month for the year. Yet all I hear from job seekers and corporate recruiters this time of year, “December is slow for hiring.” 

Well, don’t believe it!  If you are still energized, then keep your job search going through the holidays.

Here are 6 Surprising Reasons Why People Get Hired in December and how your efforts can pay off:

(1) I found that jobs open in December were often business-critical functions within the organization and, therefore, companies hired quickly when a close-to-the-right candidate surfaced. If the position was not pivotal, then the company would have hired in January, if they could.

(2) Organizations on a fiscal calendar year always tried to use budget dollars and/or fill approved openings to not lose the money or head count for the following year.

(3) Candidates who are suitable for open jobs during this time have a greater chance of getting hired since many of their competing candidates postpone the search until January—candidates still in the job search game are up against less competition in December.

(4) With holiday parties and “thank you to our vendor/client” events, it is an exceptional time for candidates to network without actually looking like they are job hunting. Additionally, because business for some industries could be slower during this period, this time is ripe for being able to dart out for an interview without raising eyebrows.

(5) Companies that have a strategic plan to hiring tend to want to seek out talent in December, since it is a down time for many U.S.-based organizations. Reactive companies may sit out on the side lines until their next opening comes around in the New Year, but better quality companies take action during December to court the best people to add to their ranks.

(6) If a U.S.-based candidate is targeting a global company, that organization may not slow down during U.S. holiday periods. There are many countries and cultures that don’t celebrate or recognize the same Holidays the U.S. does. So if international assignments are what a candidate is seeking, whether the candidate is U.S.-based on not, stepping up the search during this time can improve the odds of landing a global role.

Bottom line is if you are exhausted and need a break or if you have family obligations that are preventing you from conducting your job search, then postpone the search until January. There will certainly be positions to apply for during the New Year.

However, if you are still pumped up to do a search, then keep going.

Do not stop simply because you ‘heard’ it is slow. Capitalize on what the season offers job seekers. Make the most of the lower volumes of candidates applying and the increased amount of social opportunities the season provides.

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Best wishes to you & Happy Holidays!


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services

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