Do You Think Like a Marketer in Your Job Search?


Waiting for recruiters to call you with a job opening…

Trolling job boards hoping the right job surfaces so you can scramble your resume and cover note and submit it via the online portal – hopefully capturing a schmidge of a recruiter’s glance to garner an interview call…

These are some of the ways accomplished, well-paid executives are looking for their next well-paying, leadership jobs.

Does this sound pathetic to you?

Does this sound like you?

An accomplished person, who has worked insanely hard to climb the corporate ladder, elbowing competitors out of your way to land in a coveted position?

Your entire career looking like a winner at every turn – only to now be looking for an ever more elusive high-level role when you’re at your highest salary and least flexibility?

I mean, who wants to work 90 hours a week any more? At this point, it’s about working smarter.

Don’t depend on a job board to post the right job for you to grovel over and then scramble to apply to.

Don’t wait for some recruiter to call you with a job opening that might be a fit – because chances are it’s been pitched to two dozen other executive grovellers already.

Does this sound like the behavior of a winner to you?

If you have hustled to win your whole career, why would you now take the passive approach?

Why would you stop the hustle, when it’s probably never been more important?

You want to finish the last 15-20 years of your career on top, right?

So why depend on the pedestrian job boards or wait for the elusive-could-win-the-lottery-feeling-dispenser, aka the third party recruiter, to call you?

You can make these interviews happen for yourself.

Like you have made everything else happen in your life:

By taking back control and doing it yourself.

What if I told you that you can learn how to market yourself, like a marketer, to generate job leads for yourself?

Are you making yourself easy to find?

Not just on job boards, but being effectively active on LinkedIn, by attending conferences, doing professional development, publishing your insights, joining industry members groups, etc.

Are you positioning yourself this way?

Think like a marketer and market yourself directly to decision makers in the hiring process to land interviews.

Let us audit your resume, LinkedIn Profile and job search tactics to show you where you can make improvements to get the interviews you want from your search.

Here is our Ultimate Job Search Audit program to get the help you need ($997):

If you have a sitting duck mindset, and you are waiting for people to call or posts to appear, you will not be successful in your search.

I’ll tell it to you straight to save you some time.

Start to think and act like a marketer to take back control of your search and generate your own interviews.

You will have interviews. No doubt.

So don’t wait another minute and stop the struggle. Let us help you:

Make your investment here and we will schedule the first call immediately.

Let’s do this…


Be Well!





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