Frequently Asked LinkedIn Profile Questions Answered

LinkedIn Profile questions

Frequently Asked LinkedIn Profile Questions Answered

I get it. You haven’t needed a LinkedIn profile for most of your career.

You have been recruited, sought after, promoted or your friend recommended you for your current job.

But now you find the promotions harder to get.

More competition for the interviews – even if you are recommended to the company by your buddy.

Interviews are not as automatic.

And your LinkedIn Profile is now more important.

But you never really had to do one, or if you do have one, you never really had to depend on it.

Until now.

And now you have questions.

Questions like:

  • How should a profile in 2021 differ from a profile from 2015 (which may be the last time you updated yours)?
  • What are some common major mistakes you see people make on their LinkedIn profiles?
  • When you take a first glance at a LinkedIn profile, what makes a good impression and what makes a bad impression?
  • How important is formatting information on your resume?
  • How many years should someone go back on their profile?

If you want the answers to these questions, join my No-Cost LinkedIn profile training by clicking the following link:

I will be showing you a real-life profile example that will answer the questions above plus a whole lot more to help you create a powerful LinkedIn profile that will generate interviews for positions in your target market.

In addition, you will learn:

Why the profile you currently have is costing you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, in lost income and what you need to do to fix it to garner higher compensation.

Why simply throwing a profile up on LinkedIn is negatively impacting your search and the 3 little known, proven techniques you need to increase your profile’s visibility on LinkedIn.

Why your profile is collecting dust (or worse, sending readers to sleep) and the 7 tactics needed to write an engaging profilethat will have hiring managers scrambling to call you for interviews.

How to stand out from the other 500+ million LinkedIn profiles and what to include in your LinkedIn Summaryto rise above the sea of competition you face and get the interview call.

You can get a jump on your competition by doing this now!

Don’t miss it.

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Be well,


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services

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  • Where to find great jobs without submitting 500 meaningless job applications.
  • How to slice through the Applicant Tracking System B.S. and land a 6- figure role you love.
  • How to track down the “unpublished job market” and have your pick of the best jobs out there.
  • How to write a resume that will hit hiring managers right between the eyes and have them scrambling to book your interview.
  • How to get up to speed with your online branding and write a LinkedIn profile that positions you as the #1 expert in your field.
  • How to approach job seeking with the “human touch” so you can keep the bots at bay.
  • And finally, access to our 4-stage META Job Landing system we’ve used with thousands of job seekers just like you.

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