Lame-O Excuse Makers Need Not Apply

Lame-O Excuse Makers Need Not Apply

I’m pretty easy going.

I’m accepting of all kinds of people and walks of life.

I’m a “live and let live” kinda girl…

But nothing pisses me off more than a lame-o excuse maker playing a blame game.

I do my best to filter these people out and not let them hire us or buy my stuff.

Or even get my free materials.

Even the free stuff is deserving of worthy, hardworking, appreciative people who are going to put it to use.


I filter these people out since lame-o excuse makers don’t take action and blame everyone else for their lot in life.

And I don’t want to be next.


“If it’s never our fault, we can’t take responsibility for it. If we can’t take responsibility for it, we’ll always be its victim.” – Richard Bach


The lame-o excuse-makers assume their situation is so unique that no one can possibly understand how challenging it is to overcome.

(Newsflash: your situation is not unique and we know it’s challenging to overcome whatever bullsh*t the mind tells us. It’s called being a human.)

Or they engage in a pissing contest – their situation is so much harder than mine or their co-workers or their neighbors or their sister’s brother-in-law’s second niece removed or the world…

(All this does, is make the person who thinks their situation is worse than everyone else’s, actually be worse in their own mind… adding more burden to their situation.)

Or they assume the victim stance and believe that I’m to find them a job or their boss should have saved them… and it’s something they are entitled to have always and forever…

(Even if the economy dictates they are too expensive with dated skills).

If you are one of these people, looking for the magic elixir, easy button and piece of cake served on a silver platter with a side of I-have-seniority-therefore-I-am-entitled sauce…

Then unsubscribe now.

I have no tolerance for people who want easy-insta-magic-solutions that require no work.

That’s not how you find a job.

That not how life works, either.

You need to do research.

You need to pick up the phone and call people.

Email people.

Call again when they don’t call back the first time.

Try emailing again.

Yes, some may think you are bugging them… we don’t care about those people. Who wants to work for them anyways?

Then consider sending a snail mail letter.

Or take a chance they will go to an industry networking event. (“You mean leave my house?”)

And while you are there, introduce yourself to the speaker… and follow up with the speaker to make a phone appointment or in-person meeting.

And reach out to college alumni… whom you know and (dare I say) don’t know.

Make new contacts. Resurrect old ones. Nurture the existing ones.

It’s work to maintain your network.

It is work to stay employable and in-demand.

Tell me… if you work 15 years in one place, even if you are promoted every 3-4 years, but you don’t keep your network engaged or resume updated for those 15 years nor keep your skills updated and you assumed you were going to retire there… {taking a breath}

…but then you are laid off….

Who’s fault is it that you now don’t have a job?


It’s not your company’s fault. I’ll tell you that.

Even if they went about doing it in a bad way…

It’s not the foreigners’ fault.

It’s not the election’s fault. Or the candidates. Or the ultimate winner’s fault. Or the incumbent’s fault.

It’s not your co-worker’s fault. Or your boss’s fault.

Once you truly realize who’s fault that may be…

You might decide to stay on the list.

And take action.

And if not, if you still think it is someone else’s fault and reside the blame there, I prefer you unsubscribe.

You need to find and keep one job.

You are not the unemployment rate trying to get hundreds of thousands of people working.

You only need to find a job for you.

This list is for those who take personal responsibility.  Regardless of the uncontrollable, extenuating, life-sucks circumstances.

This is the don’t-make-excuses list for people who aren’t excuse makers.

Those that have an indelible skill of always finding the way a solution won’t work?

We have no room for you…

It’s a let’s figure-out-a-way-to-face-it-head-on or get around-the-obstacles group.

And then we try it…

And if it doesn’t work… we try it again or try something else…

We CHOOSE to live in the solution…

I’m not saying we are hardship-free.

Not at all.

Some of you have some major tear-jerking, serious, pull-your-big-kid-underwear-up-and-be-an-adult hardships going on…

…but despite the legitimate hardships, you suit up, show up and get the work done to get out of the hole you are in and to make things much better than where you are at.

Even if it comes in increments and not landslides.

You keep on plugging along.

You, I salute.

You, are the person I have built this service for… and it’s why I email every day.

The “thrive-in-the-rain” person.

You are my hero.

And you inspire me every day and I aim to return the favor each day.

I promise to never take that for granted.

Get the help you need to advance your search.

Be Well,


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services

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