Marketers Who Can’t Market Themselves into a New Job?

Marketers Who Can’t Market Themselves into a New Job?

Imagine being an experienced marketer who can’t market themselves into a job?

Or a top sales person, but you fail to sell yourself into landing an interview?

This happens all the time.

Amazing qualified sales and marketing people, who can drum up millions in revenue for their employers, can’t market or sell themselves out of a paper bag.

It’s a strange phenomenon.

See, I believe sales and marketing professionals have a unique opportunity that most other job seekers don’t have when job searching.

Marketing and sales professionals get to demonstrate how they market or sell in how they conduct their job search. They get to practice what they preach while engaging in the activities that comprise a job search.

Scientists can’t demonstrate how sciencey they are by sending a letter.

CFO’s can’t show how much finance expertise they have by making a phone call and leaving a voice mail.

But marketers and sales people can show how they take creative angles and position situations uniquely by how they conduct a job search.

A marketer or sales executive can say they are different than other marketers and sales people by marketing and selling themselves differently.

But most marketers and sales people don’t do this…

They still have task driven resumes that don’t showcase how well they sell or market.

They even still mostly submit to job boards.

In fact, we had a marketer reach out to us last week saying he wanted a more ATS compliant resume since the 200 resumes he submitted, he only had 3 replies. Um, maybe consider other ways to market yourself, too!

And it’s such a lost opportunity for these job seekers.

I believe marketers and sales people fail to see the opportunity before them because they lack a possibility mindset.

When you see possibility in what is before you, and move forward with a solution mindset, you will have more opportunities open up to you.


Because people want to be surrounded by people who live in the solution (and don’t complain about problems).

And you will be in a position to see the opportunities before you because you are looking for them.

Happens all the time. It’s all about how you re-frame it. And my eBook, The Job Landing Mindset, will help you re-frame your struggles into opportunities.

So get your copy here and start your mind-shift now:

The Job Landing Mindset

I look forward to hearing about your shift!

Be well…


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services

Chameleon Resumes


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