6 Event Networking Habits Healthcare Executives Should Have

Networking Habits Healthcare Executives Should Have

No matter what business you are in, you need to develop strong networking skills. In the medical industry, it is important to continue to foster relationships with other executives and even the doctors in the medical field. These contacts could help you recruit better talent to your company or solve problems you are facing. They could even help you move up the medical corporate ladder down the road as well. Developing these networking habits can put you on the right track to foster meaningful relationships across the medical industry.

1. Develop a Networking Strategy

The best networkers in any field have a set of goals they want to accomplish through networking. This could simply be forming new contacts outside of your local medical office or you could have the desire to meet potential recruits for your office. Whatever it may be, tailor your networking efforts to meet these goals. Attend conferences that will maximize the opportunity for you to meet people that can help you attain your goals. Some of the top conferences you can attend are held by the American Association for Cancer Research and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

2. Be Proactive

When scheduling to attend a conference, participate in the before-you-attend online networking events. Fill out your online profile to help others find you that may be interested in what you do and have to offer. Engage in chat rooms to arrange meetings with new contacts before the conference is underway from the comfort of your own desk. This way, when you get to the conference, you already have meetings planned and won’t walk into events solo.

3. Be Open-Minded

In all of your dealings with others, maintain an open mind to what opportunity may come before you at all times. Do not judge how you can help a new contact, or how they can help you, until you have had a chance to chat with the individual. Be curious and ask engaging questions about their work, challenges and current experiences to learn more about their world. During conversations, they will expect you to be knowledgeable about not only your little corner of the medical world, but how it is evolving as a whole.

4. Never Miss an Opportunity, but Be Selective

There are many different kinds of medical conferences you can attend. With so many it can be difficult to juggle. While it is sometimes just not possible to make every conference, try and attend as many as you can. While you are there, interact with people and discuss the conference. Remain upbeat and positive at all times during the conference regardless of how you really feel about the subject matter being discussed. Regularly appearing at these events will increase your recognition and could even help you down the road when you need help with recruiting or other medical related issues that might come up where you work.

5. Master the Art of Conversation

As an administrator, you might not always be up to date on the latest medical terms and techniques, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold your own in good conversation even if you aren’t an expert in many of the latest technical aspects medicine. Remember, the key to a good conversation is to listen 80% of the time and talk 20% of the time. You do that and you will make a good impression to all you meet.

6. Follow-Up Graciously

After all of your meetings in person, follow up with these individuals afterward. Send a thank you note letting them know you appreciated the time and look forward to working or interacting more with them in the future. In today’s world, people notice when you are gracious and you will be remembered for simply this one small act of kindness.

Developing these types of habits will go a long way toward helping you meet more experts and other executives in the medical field that could one day become an asset to you and your company. Nurture these habits and practice the each day until they become second nature. The simple art of meeting people and making meaningful contacts could help your company or even your career in the future.

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