Is Your Resume Readable on Mobile Devices?


Just when you think the resume is outdated or no longer serves a purpose, it is resurrected with new life and new purpose – assuming it ever really died in the first place.

What is the new-to-you-because-it-really-isn’t-new resume purpose?

Ensuring your resume can be read on mobile devices.

When I was a recruiter, I used to look at resumes in 2008 via email on my chunky Samsung phone (Man, I loved that phone. I miss it… such a good little chunky phone).

I first wrote about making sure your resume was mobile device ready in 2012.

Yet here we are in 2017 and I have many people tell me they never thought of it.

What difference will having your resume mobile ready make?

Let me have ChamTriber Jonathan tell you:

“I never thought looking at what my resume looked like on smaller screens, until you said it. When I followed your directions, I had a recruiter respond to one of my resume submissions to their open job and call me about setting up an interview. The recruiter specifically said it was easy to read my resume on his phone, which prompted him to call me in that moment and not wait until he got back to his office until he could look at his computer. I don’t know where the interview will go, but I am excited I got the call when I got it. I realize if he had waited to get back to his desk, I may not have received his call. Thank you!”

– Jonathan E., Senior Financial Analyst

Isn’t that what we all want? The opportunity to interview?

Think of all the resumes you email to people. If you can have even a 5% increase in interview calls from all that effort, how many more interviews will you have?

If you are sending 100 resumes, that is 5 more interviews.

Five more opportunities to promote yourself and outline how you are the best person for the job.

That’s all you want, right?

Register for my No-Cost How to Design a Powerful Resume to Land Six-Figure Interviews and Get the Offer! training session and be ready:

Learn how to format resumes to make them more readable on mobile devices so you can get your interview call quicker.

People are on the move now. They are not always at their computer.

Look like you get it and have your resume ready for hiring managers on the move.

Here is the registration link again for you to reserve your spot and to share with your colleagues:

See you then!


Be well,



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