Want to Know How To Look Good at Work? Try This Idea and Shine….

People want to feel good and look good at work—I am sure you are no exception. Being happy in your current job has to be paramount, since looking for a new job is not the right decision for everyone. If I can give you a suggestion to use that has a positive ROI that is both measurable and invaluable, that can provide positive corporate public relations and, in some cases, that can have new business ideas evolve by bringing together employees that don’t normally work together, you would want it, yes? Well, here you go….

You need to meet Susie Schub. Susie is someone I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of months ago and we had breakfast last week. I love what she does and how she can help you look good at work. She founded and runs Caring Capital (www.caringcap.com), an organization that provides artist-created workshops for corporate volunteers to build furniture and other pieces for children and families at risk in their local communities. These programs boost employee morale, foster business ideas and enliven corporate cultures repeatedly. She collaborates with boutique firms to large corporations to design programs that make it easy for their employees to participate willingly—this is the key to its success! She also guides teams to choose projects that meet the goals of their volunteer efforts to ensure the tangible and intrinsic results far outweigh the time and material investments. Here are some of their success stories that you can bring to your firm as examples as to how your company can benefit from this initiative:

• New York Life Investments decided to focus on two low-income preschools in Dover instead of spreading their resources broadly. They convened a standing Steering Committee to represent most departments across the office with committee members serving as ambassadors to their own groups to encourage volunteer action. They engaged Caring Capital to lead an on-site “Build for the Kids” project to take place one afternoon. Nearly 80 volunteers built and decorated 24 bookcases, toy boxes and table-and-chair sets for these two preschools. The interaction among employees who normally do not work together on a daily basis helped facilitate stronger cross pollination of ideas once the teams returned to the office.

• RegentAtlantic Capital booked Caring Capital to develop an afternoon event to conceptualize and build seven coffee tables for in-need families from the organization, Homeless Solutions, who would be transitioning to their own apartments. Besides constructing tables, everyone designed and created cut-glass mosaic tiles to enhance each piece of furniture. The company’s founder noted that the employees were still raving about their positive experience for weeks after the event and memorialized it with the media article that covered the event featured in the office kitchen.

There are many ways to look good at work: bring in additional revenues, implement ideas that cut costs, develop processes that streamline timelines. You are probably doing some of this or a part of teams that engage in these projects already. But suggesting to your organization to explore a project with Caring Capital can help you look even better ….it is an initiative that can help you and your fellow employees feel good at work—and isn’t that what we are all trying to do each day? Sometimes looking for a new job is not the right answer. Doing something to feel good at work and appreciate what you have can often be the appropriate elixir…So give Susie a call…

Written by Lisa Rangel, Executive Resume Writer

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