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Finance Executive Resume Tips

finance-executive-resumeFrom Finance Directors to Chief Financial Officers, a Finance Executive keeps the business world running in the black by managing the green – what every company needs and expects.

No matter how successful a company can become with great products and services, business growth can be slow, thwarted or even shrunk by having second-rate financial leadership in place. Top-caliber financial executives are in demand! What makes a top-tier Financial Executive Resume? The following Finance Executive resume tips will help you showcase your excellent track record when you are ready to make the next career move:Continue Reading…

Branding for Executive Resumes: What It Is and What It Is Not

Executive Resume Branding is the way to stand out among your peers, whether you are a Chief Financial Officer, Senior Marketing Director or General Manager of your organization. The competition at the top has never been more fierce and utilizing executive resume branding when writing your resume is essential for communicating to hiring managers that you are the one to select for the coveted interview. Here are four ways to incorporate executive resume branding into your executive resume:Continue Reading…