4 Reasons Why Social Media Profiles Are The New Resume

Creating a social media profile is a business necessity in today’s job search marketplace. We are not only talking about Linkedin, but also Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and other niche sites. According to the most recent issue of HR Magazine issued by The Society of Human Resources Management, 78% of companies are using LinkedIn for recruiting, 54% are using Facebook, 44% are using Twitter and 18% are using blog searches. There were even some cited as using YouTube and MySpace for recruiting. So why is this important? Bottom line is if you are doing a job search and you are not on most of these mediums, you will be at a serious disadvantage in landing your next role. Here are four reasons why:

(1) Social Media Profiles (SMPs) are the New Resume. Resume data and layout formats are still utilized on social networking sites, but there is often so much more that can be included to present a multi-dimensional, dynamic candidate impression to a prospective employer. The best profiles capitalize on these opportunities and truly stand out from the sea of site members.

(2) SMPs allow you to be found—so you are not solely looking!! Gone are the days when a job search ONLY consisted of you finding the right job. Today a comprehensive job search includes a strategy on how to actively be found by recruiters and hiring managers who seek candidates with your credentials.

(3) SMPs can be searched using keyword words and phrases by recruiters. When the job boards (Monster, CareerBuilder, niche boards, etc) came into play 15 years ago, you needed your resume on those websites to be found. Today you still need to be found, but on the sites listed in the entry paragraph. The keyword concept has grown so much over the years from using simple words and phrases to complex Boolean search strings to include and exclude certain candidates in a search. It is imperative to house these phrases naturally in the text of your resume—not forced in at the top or crudely listed at the bottom of the resume.

(4) Traditional Paper Resumes are now only for the interview. Today’s resume needs to be primarily designed to be viewed electronically on a screen and in a social media profile capacity. Granted, it needs to look good on paper, too. No longer is that the primary reason, as it is no longer getting snail mailed to the prospect.

It goes back to embracing the Web 3.0 aspect that is very prevalent in the job search landscape today. 15 years ago the shift was print ads that became web job board postings. Now those job board postings are dynamic company profiles coupled with job description and goal expectation information. Well, the same is happening to the resume. It has morphed from the predominant paper resume to the web-based resume to the multi-dimensional social media profile that houses needed resume employment data and so much more to ensure all aspects of the hiring match are made successfully.

Written by Lisa Rangel, Executive Resume Writer

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