EP31 – Making the Best Impression during Video Skype Interviews

If you think Skype is the future, you’re wrong. This is already happening. It is the present. And being able to interview successfully over Skype and video is a skill you need to master to stay ahead of your competition.

Today’s podcast will give you 10 successful video interviewing tips that can help you impress every hiring manager you talk to.

By the end of it you’ll have a solid start to edge out your competition and be the candidate that gets to the next level!

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EP6 – Resume mistakes to avoid

The only way you can truly protect yourself from job loss is if you pretend you’re fired today! It is the best path for you to always be working, have career continuity and avoiding gaps between employment.

Today’s episode will reveal to you five resume writing mistakes that even the most experienced professionals get confused about. This way you are always ahead of the game, ahead of your competition… Plus, you’ll always be the candidate that gets the interview calls!

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What Is Ageism And How Can I Avoid It? Essential Tips For A Good Resume Format


What is ageism in the hiring process? How can a good resume format eliminate ageism? These are two questions that I want to answer in this video.

A lot of people with 20 or more years of experience worry about that experience being a handicap. They worry that employers will see their seniority and pass them over because they’re too “old.” This is essentially ageism – the bias against prospective employees based on their age.

Here’s the thing: you’re never going to be able to fully control how others perceive you. However, I do notice that often people who worry about ageism are setting themselves up for failure by emphasizing their seniority on their resume.

So, what is ageism? Well, sometimes it’s discrimination in the hiring process. But other times it’s simply a resume with a poorly designed layout. Here are some tips to help you create a good resume format and avoid being judged based solely on age.

The first thing you should keep in mind is to avoid leading with your age or years of experience. Instead, lead with the achievements that are relevant to the job you’re seeking.

Second, please don’t use the word “seasoned.” The connotation is that you’ve been around a long time and thus it draws attention to your age.

Third, don’t go back more than 15-20 years when writing about your past experiences. If you do feel the need to go that far back, make sure that the older experiences don’t take up more space than the most recent ones.

If you’re wondering, “what is ageism?” maybe you should start asking yourself, “what can I do to avoid looking dated?”

The answer: come up with a good resume format that highlights your relevant achievements rather than your years of experience.

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When is the best time to write your executive resume?

In this video I answer the question, “When is the best time to write your executive resume?”

Register for my next “How to Write a Resume to Land a 6-Figure Interview” training session tomorrow at 1:30PM:


I will cover how to:

** Write a resume summary that will tell the hiring instantly what job you want.
** Craft resume achievements that will immediately explain how you are qualified to the job you want.
** Design your resume in a simply, yet effective layout that will be eye-catching while STILL making it through the ATS.

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