5 Principles to Achieve Career Happiness


career happinessEmployers really only want to hire happy people.

They don’t want to hire your baggage that may get in the way with you doing your job.

It’s a heartless world and we are just living in it, right?

NO!! It’s not.

It’s not heartless and you DESERVE to be happy.

I know you are thinking, “Easier said than done, Rangel…”

But it’s doable. I am not in the easy business.

I am in the get it done business.

And I view career happiness as something worth working for to make happen.

I get happiness done.

Want to know how?

I’ll tell you right here and now.

No opt-in.

No buy it here for $99.95 bullshyt.

No watch a 60-minute Webinar.

Just keep reading.

My 5 Principles to Achieving Career Happiness are as follows:

(1) Forgive your colleagues when they screw up. Forgiveness doesn’t make it okay that they did it, but it releases you from the resentment.

(2) In absence of information, don’t fill in the blanks. Understand you may not know everything that is going on. See someone get away with something at work that they should have been reprimanded for? Well, don’t assume because you didn’t see them reprimanded that they weren’t reprimanded. It’s none of your business, really, and it’s only distracting you.

(3) Accept people are doing the best they can—even if you don’t like it or it’s different than your best. Assuming that everyone is a screw up or not trying as much as you is a terrible way to go through life and surely going to make you unpleasant to be around. Doesn’t mean you can’t have standards—just means you don’t have to be a demeaning jerk about it.

(4) Realize people are not seeking out ways to screw you. Victimhood and persecution complexes are very unbecoming in new hires.

(5) Depend only on YOU to promote yourself and no one else. Even when asking people to promote you—follow up and have a back-up plan. Ultimately everything in your career is dependent on you. No one else is responsible for your advancement.

See? It’s clear what you need to do.

Now that you are (or soon will be happy), it’s time to find that new job.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take: https://chameleonresumes.com/GHF


Let’s do this.




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