Adapt or Flee: What’ll It Be?

Adapt or Flee: What’ll It Be?

I stumbled upon a Wall Street Journal article tackling the question of what new (and old) hires should do if they realize that their current position isn’t a good fit for them.

As it turns out, a new job–even with a posh title and lavish pay–can fall short of your expectations.

This has grown into a persistent problem for job-hopping executives, exacerbated by today’s hot job market. Many companies will knowingly woo “stars” with pledges of powerful positions and fat salaries that don’t match reality.

You might have already experienced this yourself.

In the article, Dan Smith (Chief Operating Officer of Raines Inc,. an executive-recruitment firm) was quoted as saying:

“I see employers trying to win people over by exaggerating a job’s importance or not disclosing its challenges.”

Executives disappointed by a previous gig have often failed to dig deep into their new employer. Then their expectations for intangibles such as their scope of authority, staffing levels, and the business’s financial health are dashed and trashed.

You have two choices if you find yourself in such a situation:

  1. You can adapt to the reality of your role, and throw away your old expectations.
  2. You can flee, and continue your search for a job that doesn’t withhold important details until you’re hired, puff up their promises, or pull the rug of authority out from under your feet.
Chances are, option number one is going to land you right in a big ‘ol pile of misery.

Option number two, while not an easy decision to make–especially if you’ve just been hired–is your only option if you want a job that meets your terms and expectations.

So, adapt or flee? What’ll it be?

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Be well!


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