How to Survive an Executive Layoff Unscathed

executive layoff

However, small or large, no company is immune to the layoff phenomenon. And no job is immune from the downsizing phenomenon. Your career is in play. Always. Obviously, the impact of any corporate change is bigger than simply your job. Yet, at the end of the day, your job is all that matters to you……

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The Most Effective Job Search Activity You Need to Start Tracking

With all the job search activities a job seeker has to do in this employment marketplace to conduct a successful job search, it can easily become overwhelming. Submitting resumes to job postings, going to networking events, reaching out to your contacts and introducing yourself to new people at target companies—and we have not even included…

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7 Tactics to Keep Your Job Search Confidential

Looking for a new job is scary enough. Being worried that your current boss or colleagues can see you gearing up for a job search can easily stop your efforts before you get started. Here are several ways to ensure you keep your job search confidential until you are ready to announce to your current…

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How Does Executive Recruitment Work?

working with executive recruiters

When you started your career, you may have received new job opportunities by dealing with a company’s Human Resources department directly. Now that you’ve reached an executive level, you’re starting to realize that the process may be a bit different. Simply put, you may be running into more agencies and headhunters than ever before. When…

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Recession-Proof Your Career

recession-proof career

World events are having far reaching economic impacts, which could eventually trickle down and impact you and your livelihood… if they haven’t already. I can hear you thinking, “Well, aren’t you a ray of damn sunshine, Rangel?’ I may not be a ray of sunshine, but I am shedding light on a reality you must…

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