Effective Job Search Strategy-Go to the Beach in the Fall & Avoid the Herd

Lisa Rangel at beach

Yesterday, my hubby and I went for a walk on the beach boardwalk post Labor Day weekend. As you can see, no one was on the boardwalk at 11:30am in the morning…unlike the crowds that were just there two days before. We each had our hooded sweatshirt on for the cooler weather that moved in as if the universe knew the season shifted in one day. It's so peaceful on the beach in the fall. Truly one of my favorite times during the year.

Picturing this tranquil beach sparsely populated by just us beachgoers, somehow led me to think of email inboxes. It made me think of the fact that successful job seekers go where the herd does not go. (Really. It did. I know I need to get out more…but that is another post on a much different type of blog.)

Think about it….

Would you rather have your resume be 1 of 50 resumes in an inbox or 1 in 2,000 resumes captured by a resume database? There are no guarantees either way, but the odds of the former are clearly preferred. These terrible odds are compounded by the fact that when you're resume is sitting in some ATS database you're at the mercy of someone coming along and performing a search.

Would it be nice to have your resume in the proverbial hooded sweatshirt in an uncrowded, sandy inbox? Or amongst the herd of summer sun worshippers who fight for parking spots and choice opportunities by going to the job boardwalk at the same time?

Savvy job seekers avoid the herd, get positive results and experience qualitative interactions. They reach out to hiring managers directly. They network with employees at target firms one-on-one. They engage their personal and social media connections in a give and receive manner.

If you read my previous blog post, you learned the top 3 sources used by corporate recruiters are (1) Personal Networks, (2) Social Media Networks and (3) Employee Referrals. Job seekers with results get their resume into venues that attract smaller populations to increase the chances of getting noticed and receiving that coveted call for the interview.

Be the person on the beach in the fall with the warm sweatshirt relishing in the crisp, salty air. It is a more serene, personalized and civilized approach to enjoying the beach. It is these ways of enjoying life differently, as with employing a variety of non-mainstream job search tactics, which can add dimension to life’s pleasures and improve results of your search.

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