How to Triumph Over Transition. This is the Beginning of Your Great Story!


Whatever your reason for embarking on your upcoming transition, whether it be a layoff, economic incentive, professional frustration, divorce, empty nest syndrome or you simply have a great business idea to put to market, realize that you are in an exciting position!  Yes, you are.

This can be the beginning of what will become your Great Story.  I can imagine that you may feel petrified about starting this process and overwhelmed about where or how to start. Don’t worry. It is this uncertainty that holds all the promise and possibility that lies before you. Embrace it and don’t fight it. Don’t believe me? Need proof?

Throughout  history, there are many stories of people who turned things around for themselves by tapping the resources around them. Individuals whose professional careers had been humbled by adversity, sidelined by family obligations or stalled by stagnation. But the spark of inspiration for these job seekers came from places they never expected:

  • Conversations held over coffee with a new or long-time friend that fosters new directions and ideas for you to pursue
  • Reading a book suggested by a trusted advisor about a topic you hold dear
  • Attending an inspirational seminar discussing a new skill set you need to learn
  • Encouragement from a colleague to attend a networking group,  industry conference or alumni get-together

They have achieved success despite the adversity experienced and triumphed through transition. How? What sets these people apart? They took an action without knowing where it would go. Period. They did not have all of the answers before they started. However, they took action anyway. They evaluated the results of that action and then they took another action. Sometimes the overall direction was not clear nor its global purpose completely obvious. But they kept taking action and recalibrating their next efforts based on the previous action’s results.  They did not set out with a rigid vision of what the final result should look like nor did they have a fixed mindset of which path needed to be taken to get there.

What does this mean for you?  The key here is for you to take an action—stop thinking and take action. Do not think you have to have all of the answers or analyze every option  before you start. Don’t make the assumption that the action you take has to be a huge step either.  Start with a small step. Make a phone call.  Send the email. Attend the meeting. Write a thank you card. Promote yourself. The direction of the next action will became apparent when you need it. Just take a step now. Action will beget action. Success will breed success. Congratulations!  You have started the beginning to your Great Story today.

Written by Lisa Rangel, Executive Resume Writer

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