Jump Ahead of the January Job Seekers Now

Are you looking for a new position in the new year?

If so, you are definitely NOT alone.

You and thousands of other job seekers will soon be on the hunt for a new role in January.

Most people think looking for a job now is a bad idea, believing it’s a slow hiring season and starting to look for a job in January is best.

But, I’ve got a secret for you…

Right now is actually one of the BEST times to knuckle down, and find yourself a new position.


Because most people end up taking all (or most) of December off—and ANY jobs open NOW really need to be filled now, or HR would put it off until January.

So, urgent job openings + lower volume of candidates looking = JOB HIRING MAGIC!

You see, many job seekers think, “It IS the holiday season, after all. I’ve got parties, family, and festivities galore. I don’t want to look for a job now… and hiring won’t happen until January anyway…”

This mindset couldn’t be more wrong.

Have you ever heard the saying that when everyone is doing one thing, you should do the opposite?

That’s never been more relevant than right now.

While everyone is sitting by the fire and sipping hot chocolate, you can get a jump by being one of the few job seekers who are actively on the hunt.

With fewer people in the market right now, your chances of getting hired just skyrocketed.

Now, in order to help shorten your job search time, I’ve got something for you that you don’t want to miss.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn exactly how to capture the attention of the gatekeepers standing between you and your six-figure dream job…

Your LinkedIn profile can do one of three things —

1. Sit there in silence, going unnoticed, and collecting internet dust.

2. Send readers to sleep, turning them off within the first few sentences.

3. Act as a six-figure interview-generating digital asset that speaks proudly about who you, what you’ve done, what your capabilities are, and communicates the value people will gain from hiring, working, or sharing you with their network.

Which would you rather have?

If you picked the latter option, you won’t want to miss my upcoming FREE LinkedIn profile masterclass, where I’m going to teach you how to ensure that your LinkedIn profile generates the interviews and opportunities for the jobs you want most.

If you’re ready to capture the attention of the gatekeepers standing between you and your six-figure dream job… head to the link below to reserve your seat for the free session of your choice:


Join me and you will jump ahead of the January job seekers and be well on your way to landing your new role!

Be well!


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services


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