The Myth of Job Security

job security

Imagine being at your job 13 years and one day “Poof!”... Your job is gone.

You get called into your boss’s office and you are coldly told that you are being let go today.

Progressive growth, two promotions and many sacrificed weekends didn’t save your butt.

You’re out.

Just happened to a buddy of mine...

He has been with his company 13 years. He knows what I do for a living (obviously) and we talked about him being proactive with documents and nurturing with his network.

You know, build it before you need it–what I say aaaallll the time.

Well, you probably know where this is going, he didn’t build it before he needed it.

His documents are not proactively done.

He even had his LinkedIn profile hijacked by his company because of this ONE THING he failed to do (I’ll tell you what that is soon...)

And now he feels like a fool because:

  1. He has to write a resume for the first time in 13 years and he doesn’t gave access to his work email, performance reviews and P&L's to reference while writing his documents.
  2. He may have to start his LinkedIn profile from scratch (if he can’t wrestle control back of the one he is locked out of).
  3. He needs to start networking, but now he is doing it with his hat in hand, instead of approaching the meetings curiously and on an equal playing field.

He is feeling like he is going to look like he is only reaching out because he needs something.

Well, he does, but it has to happen.

The Myth of Job Security struck again.

Knocked my buddy out from his knees.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Be proactive.

Be humble.

Be protective of EVERYTHING you have built, and attend my next online "How to Create Your LinkedIn Profile to Land a 6-Figure Job" Master Class.

Even if you are not looking for a job, join me and start to look the part to find a 6-figure job (so you don’t get caught like my buddy here).

I am looking out for you. I tried so hard to get my buddy to listen, and he didn’t.

So can I get you to listen? Let me look out for you, at least. C’mon...

During this training, you will learn small, but immensely powerful actions you can take so you always make sure you are in demand (using LinkedIn).

Discover how to:

  • Showcase your wins in such a way that it will leave competitors wanting you to work for them—so you can get these results for them!
  • Connect with decision makers before you need them—ensure they will line up when you need them using this simple tactic.
  • Craft the wording of your profile to make you look like the one the recruiters want to recruit—even when you are happy in your current job.

Using LinkedIn effectively can create demand for what you do in your next job—and in your current job as well.

Your boss won’t want to let you go!

So join me for this essential LinkedIn training session:

This online training will provide invaluable insight, tips, and steps to take to create a LinkedIn Profile that will have recruiters, hiring managers, and corporate decision makers seeking YOU out for the job you've always wanted!

You'll learn...

  • Why the profile you currently have is costing you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, in lost income and what you need to do to fix it to garner higher compensation.
  • Why simply throwing a profile up on LinkedIn is negatively impacting your search and the 3 little known, proven techniques you need to increase your profile’s visibility on LinkedIn.
  • Why your profile is collecting dust (or worse, sending readers to sleep) and the 7 tactics needed to write an engaging profile that will have recruiters and hiring managers scrambling to call you for interviews.
  • How to stand out from the other 700+ million LinkedIn profiles and what to include in your LinkedIn Summary to rise above the sea of competition you face and get the interview call.
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