One Career Mistake You Are Probably Making

Whether you are happy in your job or looking for a job, I can assure
you there is one mistake you are probably making that is hurting your career.

It’s one of the most common career mistakes made.

Executives are no exception….and probably the worst offenders of
making this mistake.

It can often be disguised as loyalty, hard work or selflessness.

Which all sounds noble and strokes the ego.

But it may killing your career and your ability to land the new job,
to get promoted or to negotiate a higher salary.

What is the one mistake you are probably making?

–> You don’t put yourself first. <–

That’s it.

You put your company’s needs before your own.

Do they put your needs first before their own?

Most people answer this question with a resounding “NO!”

What about you?

Does your company put your needs before its own?

If so, then stop reading.

You might be one of the few that can do with out reading the rest of
this article.

If your company is looking out for you, then you are justified looking
out of your employer.


If you are constantly putting your company’s needs before your own
needs (job searching, networking, professional development, etc), then you are in danger.

Grave career danger.


The company may suspect you are loyal without them having to do much in return for your loyalty.

The company may realize you are comfortable and not going to
leave…so why should they give you a huge raise if you are not going anywhere anyway.

They know you will give up your weekends or answer emails at 10pm at night without them asking.

If you have been doing this in hopes of being rewarded, and it has
worked, then awesome!!  Kudos to you.

If you have been doing this and the reward has yet to arrive….what’s
your next plan?

More self-sacrificing of your needs over the company’s needs?

You think more of the same plan will work for you to get promoted,
land the new job or get the raise?

<insert the ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over and
expecting different results’ quote>

Or you can take a different approach and put yourself first, starting right now.

* Meet friends at the alumni event to network and don’t work late.

* Sign up for the professional development course that will advance
your skill set and stop working through lunch.

* Update your LinkedIn Profile (and resume) so you can look like the
hot commodity you are.

Don’t let them think you will never leave.

Or they will treat you like you will never leave.

Because you always put them first anyway.

You cannot fault them for thinking that way.

After all, you made it easy for them to think this way.

You can change it.

Start taking care of yourself and put your needs first.

Position yourself to get that new job, promotion or raise and put
yourself first.

And if you are not looking for a job, then commit to putting yourself

Be well!


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services

Chameleon Resumes


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