Swinging at Bad Pitches

Swinging at Bad Pitches

My neighbor was telling me about her 12-year old son’s struggling little league performance.

She said her son was trying so hard at every turn at bat to get a hit. Not even a home run, but just a hit.

Each time when it was his turn, he would step up to the plate and make his stance ready for the pitch. And with all his might and determination, he step into the swing and… miss the ball.

In 15 games, he hasn’t made a hit. His spirit is shook and she feels terrible for him. As a former little league mom myself, my heart breaks for her and her son.

As I looked for encouraging words to say, she shed some light on what she thinks is the problem.

My friend said about her son, “It’s not like he isn’t trying. I don’t think there is anyone on his team who would disagree with me that he gives it 100% every time he is at bat. No one wants a hit more than him—and I think his whole entire team wants it for him just as badly. But I have tried to advise my son on this one observation… he is swinging at bad pitches. It doesn’t matter how bad you want it if you keep swinging at bad pitches.”

When she said this, a light went off in my head.

I immediately thought of the hundreds, if not thousands of job seekers, who have reached out to me over the years saying they are dejected by making 100, 200 even 400 resume submissions to job postings… super tailored resumes and applications submitted to many postings… only to never get an interview.

And to punctuate the pain even more, they often receive a “Thanks, but no thanks” email within 5-6 minutes of submitting that resume that took two hours to customize before sending.

These job seekers want the interview bad.

They are putting in the leg work they are told is needed to land a job.

They give it 210% every time they are making a submission.

But they still have a zero batting average because they are using the wrong job search tactic for them…

… they are swinging at bad pitches.

Or at least the wrong pitches for them.

So many job seekers are simply looking for their next job the wrong way.

They are too dependent on job boards.

They are waiting for recruiters to call.

They think a perfectly written resume or profile alone will magically land interviews in their lap.

And these bad pitch job search swings leave them interview-less.

To land interviews, you need to look for a job the most effective way.

And the most effective way is NOT on job boards.

The most effective way is to reach out to people directly. People you know and people you don’t know.

And in my 7 Job Landing Steps to Land Your Ideal Job eBook will show you what to do to tap your network, grow your network, ask your network for direction and land interviews for great jobs.

Here is the link:

7 Job Landing Steps to Find Your Ideal Job

Start hitting the right pitches and knock it out of the park.

Be well!


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services

Chameleon Resumes


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