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Defining Your Search When Returning To Work

You have decided that it is time to get back into the “outside” workforce…Note that I do not say “real” work force because the hardest and most real job there out there is being a stay-at-home parent. My husband was a stay-at-home dad for 7 years and there were many a day I was happy to go off to work because it was hectic inside my house—that 9am Executive Meeting had nothing on my toddlers! But I digress…

So, again, you have decided to get back to work outside the home. Continue Reading…

How To Have The Right Job Find You

Make no mistake. Being found by the right job is not a passive job search tactic. Eliminate from your mind the vision of a job seeker sipping margaritas on the deck waiting for recruiters to call. There is a lot of work and thought that the job seeker must do to ensure she/he is a part of communities where hiring managers source for viable candidates.

There is much written about how to find the right job. One of the most overlooked items in a strategic job search plan is Continue Reading…

Resume Transparency – Telling the Truth to Land Your Next Job – Tools to Help

I had a client ask me, “I have a 3+ year gap on my resume where I left a stable, awesome Corporate America job to pursue freelance work and to research starting my own business. I discovered I want to go back to a position at a firm versus be on my own. I recently had a recruiter tell me to find a friend who is a small business owner that will vouch for my gap saying I did my previous profession at their firm, so I have continuity. He said it will be difficult for you to find a job having done your own thing. Should I lie?”Continue Reading…

Yes, The Traditional Resume Is DEAD

This is an answer I provided to a question recently posed to me by a client. What? Huh? Yes, I am a Resume Writer and Job Search Coach and I am telling you the traditional resume is dead. He had a beautifully written, task-oriented, result deficient, non-branded, visually uninspiring resume that was completely devoid of technical search terms and vibrant character that would allow him to be found by a hiring manager who would beContinue Reading…

Building on Small Victories

Written by Lisa Rangel, Executive Resume Writer

Thank you for reading my blog. I debated whether to make this my first blog post, but I strongly feel sharing this experience will help someone else. That is this only reason I started to write this blog: to help someone else.

I started working with a new job search client a few weeks whom seemed very overwhelmed—more than the norm that I see in my work. She was thinking of Continue Reading…

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