Building Your Pipeline of Six-Figure Job Offers

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Job seekers who land six-figure positions in a matter of WEEKS rather than months (or even not at all) REFUSE to rely on job boards or waiting for “potential opportunities” to pan out.

Instead, they’re out actively seeking out and creating new opportunities (even if they’re already in a job they love).

This is the difference between carrying buckets (wandering listlessly from job to job with months of “dead time” in-between) and building a pipeline of job opportunities that you can pick and choose from at will.

The difference between carrying buckets and building a pipeline reminds me of an old tale about a man who earned his living by supplying the village he lived in with water.

Every morning he’d load up a yoke with two buckets, make the long, weary trek to a nearby river, fill the buckets, and return to his village. All day long, back and forth… back and forth.

He made a respectable living supplying water to his village. But he was always working, carrying water for miles each day, never having so much as a day off. When he’d get sick, injured, or wanted a day off to spend with his family, it meant his family’s income dried up instantly. As a result, he could never get ahead.

Which is exactly what it’s like when you wait until you’re OUT of a job before you start looking for your next one.

You pound the pavement, from job board to job board, interview to interview… hoping that you find SOMETHING soon… before your cash flow dries up.

Carrying buckets is exhausting, inefficient, and will wear you down.

This is what our water-toting villager eventually figured out. Even though it meant investing some of his hard earned cash and precious time, he began to build a pipeline that would transport water from the river to the village for him.

It took months to build, but once completed, the living he made supplying water to the village stopped depending on him.

It quite literally ran in the background, transporting water from river to village, and he could control the flow at the flip of a switch.

Now imagine…

NOT having to scramble back and forth between interviews praying for one to turn into an offer…

NOT wondering if or when you’ll hear back from a recruiter with an interview…

NOT staring at job boards searching for a six-figure position like it’s a fridge devoid of your favorite foods…

You see, the six-figure position you’re looking for is NOT going to be on any job board… you need to be actively be building your own pipeline and creating opportunities & job offers for yourself.

If you’re NOT getting the right interview calls (or any at all), isn’t it time to figure out where you’ve gone wrong?

I mean… YOU know that your credentials, experience, and wisdom fit the bill. So why can’t the gatekeepers in charge of your pay checks see that as well?

Because the common denominator in this case is NOT the positions you’ve been applying for.

No… the common denominator is YOU.

Chances are you’ve been making at least one of the 6 mistakes that the majority of job seekers make.

That being the case, you’re not going to want to miss my upcoming FREE 6 Deadly Job Search Mistakes Preventing You from Landing a Job Webinar training where we will reveal not only which mistakes you’re making, but an easy fix for each one.

If you’re willing to invest one hour of your time to learn where you’re messing up, you’ll never have to treat your job search like carrying buckets ever again.

Instead, you’ll be able to

**build a pipeline of attractive offers in your current job search — imagine having a choice!

**cement your job security because you will have a sea of new contacts to call that you didn’t know you had (even if you suddenly find your current job pulled out from under you).

**reduce or even demolish the time between positions so you never have a long unemployment gap.

To learn how to build a pipeline of job offers that, eliminate dead time between jobs, and make your job search a heckuva a lot easier, all you need to do is…

Click here to reserve your seat on the Webinar.

Be well,


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There’s ONE big factor we have that nobody else does… and it’s the fact that we’ve helped over 50,000 people land their next six-figure position, plus we have over 80 years of combined recruiting experience on our team.

So, having been on the other side of your resume, we know exactly what’s missing, and what you need to say in your interviews to go from jobless to gainfully employed.

Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services

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