2 Perspectives On Executive Interview Mistakes

Interview mistakes can be devastating.

We can prepare, rehearse, and research to our heart‘s content. And mistakes can still happen.

But it doesn’t have to be too bad.

I offer two perspectives on how you can digest interview mistakes when they happen…

And I advise you to really listen…when I recruited I was suspect of perfect interview performances.

Just meant you prepared well (which is a good thing…).

But it always left me wondering…and I outline what I wondered about in the video…

Once you watch, if you want more tactical moves on how to interview powerfully, go to interviewpowerfully.com and buy a copy of my newly updated book!

What else would you add to my video?

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3 Ways Executives Get Found On LinkedIn

I view LinkedIn as one massive networking event.

Boundless possibilities pent up in each person I could meet. The potential truly excites me.

So, I want to address three ways you can get found on LinkedIn so you can do what you need to do to get discovered…

Here goes in this video…what would you add?

Once you do these three things, you will start having requests come in for your resume.

So be sure you are prepared. My resume training is on demand at ondemandresumetraining.com

Watch it when you are ready, and…be ready!

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Avoid These 3 Critical Errors on Your Executive Resume

Imagine you had a massive client you were looking to land…

Or a huge RFP you were aiming to sign…

Or a sizable source of funding you want to capture…

Would you submit to a portal and wait to find out if you won the client, RFP, or funding?

Or would you be calling your network, setting up meetings, and conversing with people all along the decision-chain…

I don’t think most of you would WAIT for action to happen to you.

Yet…when it comes to executive job searching, that’s exactly what many execs do…

They wait for the job posting to appear to submit with hundreds or thousands of applicants…or they wait for executive recruiters to call.

Only you know if this resonates with you…

If it does, chances are, you might be doing one or more of the other three resume mistakes I mention in this video.

And if you want to learn more, go to my On Demand Resume Training—it’s free!!

Use this link to register: OnDemandResumeTraining.com

Let me know your thoughts!

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4 Causes Why Resume Matching Software May Not Work For You

If you have been running your resume through resume matching software and it’s not working for you…it may not be you.

It could be one of the 4 causes I outline in my next video as to why it won’t work for you…for the job you are targeting or at all.

And to be super clear, this is not a resume matching software bashing video. These tools can be really helpful in the right scenarios.

But like all tools, no tool works in every scenario. Same with resume tracking software tools.
So, if you have been running your resume through these platforms with no results, I bet you might have at least one of the problems I mentioned in the video.

But no fear…hiring through job postings only accounts for about 20-25% of hires. So, if applying to jobs via postings isn’t yielding interviews, you have other options—many other options.

If you register for my upcoming live training session, I will show you how to write resumes for humans, software, and everything in between.

I will also show you how to do a successful and exciting job search in today’s tricky job market.
You can register for this training here: http://freeexecresumetraining.com.

Register and join me for answers. I know you will walk away learning at least one thing you didn’t know before you attended.

See you there!

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3 Beliefs Sabotaging Your Executive Job Search

3 Beliefs Sabotaging Your Executive Job Search

How someone conducts their job search can tell an employer a lot about a candidate.

Here is an example…

Do you say, “You do things differently,” but then do the most common job search activities that the job-seeking masses do in droves?

How can you say you approach business situations differently than others when you do the job search—essentially a business situation—just like every other job seeker?

What you say and what you do must be in alignment.

Did that last statement sting?

Well then, you will want to watch this video…

I share three job search sabotaging beliefs I see in senior-level job seekers who are struggling all the damn time.

Note: none of this is meant to be accusatory.

I share each observation in the video with love.

Because unless you, the job seeker…my intended audience…are aware of the energy you put out into the world, it’s hard to change that energy to get what you want.
What do you think?
And if you find you want the economy of do-it-yourself job seeking plus access to world-class coaching (us!) who understand hiring and have a track record helping job seekers land, go to ultimatejobsearchplan.com.

Let’s do this!

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2 Easy Ways To Network Remotely

Anytime I can meet new contacts AND stay in my pajama bottoms, I’m in!

Networking remotely IS an essential skill set nowadays.

So, I will give you 2 easy and modern ways to meet people remotely.

And it’s beyond reaching out to people on LinkedIn …

And if you want more no-cost insights on how hiring happens, join me for my next PopUpCareerChat.com ←click here to register for the Tuesday 2/27 @ 12noon event.

My next Pop Up Career Chat is with @Austin Lilling, where we discuss Key Components of an Executive Compensation Plan. He is a partner of executive compensation at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, so this is going to be fascinating!

Look forward to seeing you there!

And feel free to share in the comments other ways you network remotely.

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