Demystifying LinkedIn Keywords

LinkedIn Keywords

If you want to get found by recruiters on LinkedIn you have to know a thing or two about using keywords. Keywords are relevant terms found within your profile that will make it easy for recruiters to find you when they are searching for certain words or phrases. Think of it as SEO (Search Engine…

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12 Ways to Reach Out to Hiring Managers

Ways to Reach Out to Hiring Managersmanagers

  The best way to advance your job search is to talk to people. The number of conversations you have in a week is the ultimate metric you should track to get results from your job search. Well how do I reach out to hiring managers in this social media/email/hide-behind-the-computer era? Great question. A combination…

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Building Your Pipeline of Six-Figure Job Offers

Job seekers who land six-figure positions in a matter of WEEKS rather than months (or even not at all) REFUSE to rely on job boards or waiting for “potential opportunities” to pan out. Instead, they’re out actively seeking out and creating new opportunities (even if they’re already in a job they love). This is the…

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